Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When purchasing, do I have to verify the card? Is there any form of verification needed at any stage?

A.           This is 100% Anonymous Visa Debit Card, No ID or Verification of Any Kind is NOT Required.


Q. How to reload the card?

A.           You can reload the card using Bitcoin, USDT or via Bank wire transfer.


Q.Is there any fee for card reloading?

A.           There is NOT any fee.  Crypto debit card Reloading is free of charge.


Q. What is the card Reloading amount Limit?

A.           You can reload the card for a maximum $100,000 per day.


Q.Is there any limit for card account Balance?

A.           No.  This is Unlimited. You can keep an unlimited amount into your card account.


Q. How to check my card account balance?

A.           There is an online control panel to check your card account details and transactions.


Q.Is there any maintenance fees?

A.           No, There is NO maintenance fees.


Q. How much is the fee for an ATM cash withdrawal?

A.           There is a 1% fee for ATM cash withdrawals.


Q.How much is the limit for ATM cash withdrawals?

A.           You withdraw cash from ATMs maximum $8000 per day.


Q. Is it possible to receive money from a third party via Bank wire transfer?

A.           Yes, With a unique IBAN, you can receive money from third-party through BankWire transfer at any time. 


Q.Is it possible to send money to someone?

A.           Yes, You can send money to any bank account internationally via Bank wire transfer.  


Q.How much is the fee for incoming bank wire transfer?

A.           We charge a $20 fee for an incoming wire transfer.


Q.How much is the fee for outgoing bank wire transfer?

 A.We charge a $20 fee for an outgoing wire transfer.


Q.How long will the card be valid and what happens after the expiry date? 

A.The card will be valid for 3 years, after which you will be issued a new one with a new expiration date. The card renewal fee is $39 + the shipping fee.

Q.When making purchases online, what do I input for the name on the card section?

A.           The card works with any random name and address, so you can input any random name and address easily.


Q.What is the daily spending limit in store?

      A. There is Not any limit when you use the card in store POS or shop Online. This is Unlimited.


Q.Are there any industries which this card cannot be used in?

A.           No.  You can use the card for any type of payment.  There are no restrictions. 


Q. Do you send crypto debit cards to the U.S?

A.           Yes, we send crypto debit cards to the U.S and all over the world via DHL Express.


Q.How long does it take to receive the card?

A.           We send the card to your address within 24 hours, and it takes 3-5 days via DHL International Express shipping.

Q.Where is the bank for this card located?

A. The Visa network provider for our cards platform is Emirates Bank located in Dubai, UAE.